Elmwood Specialties
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Letter from Directors

Dear Parents,

We are excited to be sharing news with you about our fifth and sixth-grade program, Elmwood Specialties. Consistent with and rooted in the Elmwood mission, it is designed to provide campers with the opportunity to specialize in the areas of greatest interest to them.

Campers will begin and end each day at Elmwood and will travel to the nearby, state-of-the-art facilities at Solomon Schechter to participate in their chosen activities. Included are all the elements of camp that we love. Each session offers Major and Minor activity choices, weekly off-site trips (including one overnight), and participation in Elmwood traditions. Our Majors will focus on skill development and be led by highly qualified instructors. The interests, strengths and individual styles of each child will give great energy to our camp community.

We look forward to this positive and meaningful summer for our campers. We love camp and are thrilled to be creating a community that focuses on the needs and interests of this age group.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to speak about this program.


Leora, Elmwood Specialties Director
Gregg & Hillari, Elmwood Day Camp Directors

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