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Dani, Gregg, and Hillari
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Camp Leadership

Leora Cohen

Leora grew up in Hartsdale. She spent her summers attending various performing arts camps and even spent a summer in mime camp where she didn’t speak for an entire month! After receiving her Masters Degree from Hunter College, Leora was a Social Worker in Brooklyn for 10 years. She co-directed the Life Lines Community Arts Project, blending her love of performing arts and social group work. In addition to working at Elmwood, Leora spends her school year as a puppeteer, drama teacher and runs youth programming at her local temple. In her free time, Leora loves to do yoga, improvisational acting, and any kind of dance. She loves being a part of Elmwood, as do her children, Jacob and Daniella. Every year, she looks forward to the amazing energy that is created when all the kids and staff come together!

Hillari Boritz

Hillari has been an integral member of the year round Elmwood team for the 24 years that she has called Elmwood home. She began her Elmwood career following several years as an educator at a private school in Manhattan. Hillari holds a Masters Degree in Education and gained her expertise in child development both in and out of the classroom. She is passionate in her devotion to her family, her community and to Elmwood. Hillari’s son, Harrison, is an Elmwood alum and her daughter, Becca, is currently a happy camper. Her dedication to the core values of Elmwood is an inspiration to our entire camp community.

Gregg Licht

Gregg was an Elmwood camper and began his career as a staff member 21 years ago. In 2003, Elmwood became his year round home. Gregg is a well respected staff developer within the camp community. He has also been a tireless volunteer with the American Camp Association and served as the Program Chairperson for the Tri-State Camp Conference. Gregg was the creator and founder of a highly regarded not-for-profit organization which focused on the performing arts. Its mission was to foster understanding and acceptance amongst children and adolescents. Gregg’s booming presence and voice have been resounding throughout Elmwood for over twenty summers.

Dani Ackerman

Dani has literally grown up at Elmwood. She was a Stepping Stone Kindergartener in 1987 and spent several summers at a sleep away camp before returning to Elmwood as a staff member in 1999. Prior to joining Elmwood’s year round team, she earned her Masters Degree in Education and taught in a school for children with special needs. Dani is an active volunteer with the American Camp Association and Project Morry. Her deep love of children and joy in being with them is felt within the camp community. Dani, Hillari and Gregg believe that the love they each have for Elmwood and for each other enables them to create a “great place to be me” for each of their campers.

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